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What is the password policy?


Minimum requirements for passwords:

  • Minimum six characters in length.
  • Maximum 14 characters in length.
  • Must contain English uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Can not contain all or part of the user’s user name.
  • Can not contain any part of the user’s full name.
  • Can not reuse previous three passwords.

Users wanting to harden their password further can follow these suggestions:

  • Do not use words found in the dictionary.
  • Do not use proper names.
  • Use one or more numbers in the password.
  • Use one or more nonalphanumeric characters in their password.

It is strongly recommended that users with access to confidential and/or sensitive data utilize one or more of the suggestions to harden their password beyond the minimum requirements.

Created on 03-04-2012 15:58
Last update on 16-09-2015 15:51
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